True Eye Emergencies

  • Dewanti Widya Astari Cicendo Eye Hospital
  • Patriotika Muslima Cicendo Eye Hospital
  • Putri Utami Cicendo Eye Hospital
  • Kreati Hanna Putri Cicendo Eye Hospital
  • Ilham Rohmat Febrian Cicendo Eye Hospital
  • Amanda Widayanti Cicendo Eye Hospital
  • Saraya Amajida Cicendo Eye Hospital
  • Diaz Hazrina Setiadi Cicendo Eye Hospital
  • Efi Octaviany Cicendo Eye Hospital
Keywords: eye emergencies, ophthalmology, trauma


Eye emergency is an eye emergency where a condition requires immediate medical attention due to sudden changes in eye health or vision. This case series aims to determine various cases of eye emergencies. The method used is a descriptive case series report design based on true eye emergency case in tertiary referral hospital. The sampling technique used was accidental sampling with the respondents being emergency department patients, totaling 8 respondents. Data was obtained by observation, interviews and participant observation. Management is traced from anamnesis to evaluation. The eye emergencies cases included are chemical trauma, penetrating trauma, endophthalmitis, acute attack glaucoma, open trauma of the eyeball, central retinal artery occlusion, corpus alienum, and mechanical trauma. Handling eye emergencies focuses on precision, accuracy and response time.


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Astari, D., Muslima, P., Utami, P., Putri, K. H., Febrian, I. R., Widayanti, A., Amajida, S., Setiadi, D. H., & Octaviany, E. (2024). True Eye Emergencies. Indonesian Journal of Global Health Research, 6(1), 279-298.