Indonesian Journal of Global Health Research 2024-07-13T15:53:39+00:00 Livana Open Journal Systems <p><strong>;hl=id&amp;oi=sra<img src="/public/site/images/nimda/cover_ijghr_tunggal.png" width="370" height="524"></strong></p> <p><strong>Indonesian Journal of Global Health Research</strong>&nbsp;<strong> (IJGHR)</strong> is a open access, peer reviewed and refereed international journal. <strong>IJGHR</strong>&nbsp;aim to publish original research paper devoted to various area of all health sciences.&nbsp;<strong>IJGHR</strong> provides a forum for sharing timely and up-to-date publication of scientific research, health care and promoting the development of nursing, public health, community, environmental and occupational health. The journal publishes original research papers of health sciences. High priority will be given to articles on public, nursing, adolescent, community, environmental and occupational health, pharmaceutical technology, social pharmacy, traditional medicine, pharmacology, and so on. The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to: public health, health promotion, environmental health, occupational health, clinical aspects related to health, healthcare services, health policy and management, school health, food health, remote health, rural health, community health, mental health, adolescent health, industrial health, circumpolar health, drug health, equity in health, reproductive health care, urban health, health geographics, women's health, paediatrics and child health.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Interventions for Reducing Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Intensive Care Unit Survivors: A Scoping Review 2024-07-07T06:58:06+00:00 Dadan Ramdani Defa Larashati Lurdes Acorta Freitas Nur Azmi Lilikliswati Suryani Suryani <p>Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a serious condition that patients often experience after undergoing intensive treatment in the ICU. Traumatic experiences during ICU care can cause significant and prolonged symptoms. PTSD has a major impact on patients' quality of life after discharge from the ICU. Various literatures have not comprehensively discussed PTSD in ICU survivors. Objective: To explore interventions in reducing PTSD symptoms in ICU survivors. Method: This study used the scoping review method with article searches from three databases, namely CINAHL, PubMed, and Medline. Keywords used included "ICU diaries," “interventions,” "post-ICU recovery program," and "PTSD." Inclusion criteria included original research articles with quasi-experimental or RCT designs, written in English, focusing on ICU survivors and the impact of PTSD, and a publication period of the last 10 years (2014-2024). Data extraction used manual tables. Data were analyzed using qualitative descriptive methods. Results: Eight relevant articles discussing interventions to reduce PTSD in ICU survivors were found. The study results indicate that there are two types of interventions, ICU diaries and post-ICU recovery programs, which are effective in reducing PTSD, anxiety, and depression symptoms in ICU survivors. The effectiveness of these interventions is supported by active family involvement, personalization of the intervention, and support from medical staff. Influencing variables include family involvement, method of intervention implementation, and continuous support from the medical team. Conclusion: This scoping review identifies that ICU diaries and post-ICU recovery programs are effective in reducing PTSD symptoms in ICU survivors. Further research is needed to explore the long-term effectiveness of these interventions and the development of best practices in post-ICU care.</p> 2024-07-07T06:57:46+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Relationship of Parental Role and Self-Conrol Towards Adolescent Premarital Sexual Behaviour 2024-07-07T07:15:10+00:00 Shafa Amanda Tasya Kamila Ermiati Ermiati Raini Diah Susanti <p>In Indonesia, the rate of premarital sexual behavior among adolescents continues to increase. In fact, HIV/AIDS and unwanted pregnancies cases increases every year as a result of adolescent premarital sexual behavior. The factors that can influence adolescent premarital sexual behavior is parental role in educating, guiding, and accompanying their children and self-control of adolescents. This study aims to determine the relationship between parental role and self-control towards adolescent premarital sexual behaviour in SMA “P” Kota Bandung. The research method used was a quantitative correlation with a population of 556 students from 10th to 11th grade. The sample was taken using purposive sampling technique with a total of 235 respondents were obtained. The research data were obtained using a questionnare regarding parental role, self-control, and premarital sexual behavior. The research data analyzed by using univariate and bivariate analysis with Spearman Rank correlation test. The results showed that a significance value of p = 0,000 (p value &lt; 0,05) was obtained for the parental role and p value of 0,000 (p value &lt; 0,05) for the self-control. It can be concluded that there was significant relationship between parental role and self-control with adolescent premarital sexual behavior in SMA “P” Kota Bandung.</p> 2024-07-07T07:14:41+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Effect of A Combination of Prenatal Yoga, Relaxation Music, and Agarwood Aromatherapy on the Quality of Women's Sleep of Third Trimester Pregnancy 2024-07-07T07:37:22+00:00 Elfanda Sholihah Uzakki Ika Yulianti Ririn Ariyanti <p>A woman's body will experience significant changes during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy. Physical and psychological changes often cause a number of complaints, which have an impact on sleep disorders, thereby reducing sleep quality. Sleep is a vital activity for health. Sleep disturbances during pregnancy can pose risks. Non-pharmacological therapies that can overcome sleep difficulties in pregnant women include prenatal yoga, relaxation music, and aromatherapy. This study aimed to prove the effect of a combination of prenatal yoga, relaxation music, and agarwood aromatherapy on the sleep quality of pregnant women in the third trimester at the Karang Rejo Community Health Center. The research method used was an experimental research design using a one- group pretest-posttest approach without a control design. The number of samples in this study was 25 respondents with a sampling technique using a purposive sampling method, all respondents were given treatment for 2 weeks with a total frequency of administration 3 times, lasting +60 minutes for each treatment. The measuring tool in this study used the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) questionnaire. The normality test used Shapiro Wilk, and the data analysis was carried out using univariate analysis and bivariate analysis using the Wilcoxon test The results of the research hypothesis testing p-value = 0.001 &lt;0.05, meaning that there was a change before and after treatment. In conclusion, the combination of prenatal yoga, relaxation music, and agarwood aromatherapy influenced the sleep quality of third-trimester pregnant women at the Karang Rejo Community Health Center.</p> 2024-07-07T07:37:22+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Effectiveness of Prenatal Yoga in Reducing Lower Back Pain and Sciatica in Pregnant Women 2024-07-07T07:49:45+00:00 Syahrul Syafitri Ika Yulianti Agus Purnamasari <p>Pregnancy has physiological changes such as uterine enlargement, during this period the centre of gravity moves forward and this displacement causes the mother to adjust her standing position. Such posture will depend on muscle strength, weight gain, join relaxion properties, fatigue and pre-pregnancy posture. Pregnant women are projected to have a prevalence of 50% of low back pain, in the first trimester, 40% to 70% in the second trimester. And 70%-80% in the third trimester. Projections of sciatica pain with prevalence rates range from 10% to 25% (Bryndal et al., 2020). This pain can interfere with daily activities such as standing, walking, sitting and sleeping. Yoga is non-pharmacological way to treat pain, and prenatal yoga is a classic form of yoga adapted to the physical needs of pregnant women.&nbsp; A useful method to reduce pregnancy pain and speed up labor during the third trimester. Yoga is also included in non-pharmacological complementary therapies that relieve pain. The purpose pf this study was determined the effectiveness of prenatal yoga in reducing low back pain and sciatica in third trimester pregnant women in the area of Karang Rejo Public Health Centre. The research method was a quasi-experiment with one group type and interrupted time series design. The sample of this study was 27 respondents, frequency intervention 2 times a week for 2 weeks. The tool used in data collection was a numeric scale observation sheet. The result of this study found of difference in pain before and after doing yoga viewed from the results of paired t-test with p-value=0.000 with an average difference of 5.41. there was an effectiveness felt by pregnant women before and after yoga, with the effectiveness value of 55%. Therefore, the benefits of yoga as complementary therapy can be felt by pregnant women in the health facility.</p> 2024-07-07T07:49:45+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Role of Cross-Sectoral Cooperation, Family Support, and Knowledge on the Activeness of Prolanis Participants 2024-07-12T10:37:54+00:00 Rodiah Pulungan Nurhayati Nurhayati Tria Astika Endah Permatasari Syamsul Anwar <p>Prolanis is a proactive health service system and an integrated approach involving the community in health maintenance to achieve optimal quality of life with effective and efficient healthcare costs. Objective: The aim of this research is to analyze the cross-sectoral role, family support, and knowledge concerning the activity level of participants in the Prolanis program at the Cempaka Putih District Community Health Center. Method: This study was conducted at the Cempaka Putih District Community Health Center from November 2022 to July 2023 with 65 respondents based on total sampling. Data collection was done using questionnaires and interviews with three types of instruments, covering demographic data, Prolanis information and family support, and cross-sectoral roles. Data analysis employed Multiple Logistic Regression. The research revealed six variables with p-values &lt; 0.05 in non-parametric tests: age, education, occupation, cross-sectoral roles, family support, and knowledge. Results: Logistic regression analysis resulted in p-values &lt; 0.25 with odds ratios: age OR: 2.113; education OR: 2.695; occupation OR: 3.091; cross-sectoral roles OR: 1.431; knowledge OR: 2.179. Conclusions: There is a relationship between age, education, occupation, cross-sectoral roles, and knowledge factors with the activity level of Prolanis participants at the Cempaka Putih District Community Health Center.</p> 2024-07-07T19:05:57+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Comparative Study of HIV/AIDS Prevention Behaviors between Students in Schools that Do Not and Have PIK-R 2024-07-09T16:49:01+00:00 Eva Nurfadila Sri Hartati Pratiwi Siti Ulfah Rifa'atul Fitri <p>The Youth Information and Counseling Center (PIK-R) was formed with the aim of forming healthy behavior in teenagers to prevent an increase in the number of HIV/AIDS cases. Currently, there has been no comparative research on HIV/AIDS prevention behavior in schools that do not and do not have PIK-R. This research aims to see differences in HIV/AIDS prevention behavior between students in schools that do not and have PIK-R. This research method is descriptive comparative with a cross sectional time approach. Respondents were students of SMA Negeri 1 Pangandaran and SMK Negeri 1 Pangandaran with a sample of 95 people using the stratified sampling method. The instrument used is the Indonesian version of the Sexual Behavioral Abstine HIV/AIDS Questionnaire (SBAHAQ) which has been declared valid and reliable with a mean CVI value of 0.96 and Cronbach's Alpha values of 0.87, 0.77 and 0.85. Data analysis uses univariate and bivariate analysis. The results of the comparative test with the Mann Whitney Test obtained an asymp sig (2-tailed) value of 0.331 (&gt;0.05). Based on the research results, it can be concluded that there is no significant difference between HIV/AIDS prevention behavior among students in schools with and without PIK-R.</p> 2024-07-09T16:49:01+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Effect of Digital Health Education Towards Anxiety among Pre-Operative Patients: A Systematic Review 2024-07-09T17:09:12+00:00 Daniel Nong Danche Tintin Sukartini Aria Aulia Nastiti Ira Suarilah <p>Anxiety is a major issue that worsens clinical symptoms and often arises when patients undergo surgery. However, the review of the impact of digital health education on pre-operative patients with anxiety is still limited. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness of digital health education in reducing anxiety in pre-operative patients. Methods: A systematic review of quantitative studies was conducted. Relevant full-text articles were sourced from four databases: Web of Science, Science Direct, Proquest, and PubMed, from January 1, 2019, to December 31, 2024. The quality of the included studies was assessed by the Joanna Briggs Institute (JBI). A narrative analysis was performed to present the effectiveness of digital health education on pre-operative patients with anxiety. Results: A total of 13 studies were identified, involving 1,394 pre-operative patients. The age of the participants ranged from 5 to 68 years. The effectiveness of digital health education for pre-operative patients with anxiety was seen as a mixed program combining images, audiovisual materials, and interactive features that allowed patients to communicate with each other and healthcare professionals. Conclusion: This study highlights that digital health education interventions are a promising avenue in healthcare delivery due to advancements in technology and information.</p> 2024-07-09T17:09:12+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Relationship Between Knowledge and Community Attitudes in Preventing Leptospirosis 2024-07-10T02:17:44+00:00 Maharani Suci Wulandari Elza Anggraeni Trisnawati Achmad Husen Hilwatut Taqiyah Siti Nur Hasina <p>Leptospirosis is a zoonotic (animal-to-human transmission) disease caused by Leptospira bacteria that has flu-like symptoms. This disease has a major impact on health, especially in sub-tropical and tropical countries. The main reservoir of this disease is rats. This study aims to determine the relationship between knowledge and community attitudes in preventing Leptospirosis in Sumberrejo village, RT 03 RW 02, Pakal, Surabaya. Method: using quantitative method with cross sectional study design. The population in this study was the community of Sumberrejo RT03, RW02, Pakal, Surabaya, which amounted to 85 people. Samples were taken using purposive sampling technique in accordance with the inclusion and exclusion criteria totaling 70 people. The measuring instrument used was a knowledge and attitude questionnaire. Results: 37 (52.9%) knowledge, 51 (72.9%) attitude, p-value &lt; α which is 0.001. Conclusion: Based on the variables, most people have knowledge of Leptospirosis in the low category as many as 37 (52.9%), for the attitude of the community most of the attitude is bad as many as 51 (72.9%), the correlation coefficient value is 0.420 which shows a positive correlation direction. This shows that there is a relationship between knowledge and community attitudes in preventing Leptospirosis. Suggestion: Socialization of both material exposure and the application of clean and healthy living behavior is needed, so that people can increase awareness of the dangers if exposed to Leptospirosis.</p> 2024-07-10T02:17:44+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Exploring Stroke Therapy in Non-Urban Area: A Qualitative Descriptive Study 2024-07-10T08:17:33+00:00 Kartika Setia Purdani Somporn Rungreangkulkij <p>Someone who survives a stroke attack with live change is called a stroke survivor. Several limitations both of physics and psycho as an impact from stroke attack need attention, with no expectation in a non-urban area. The most common intervention for it is complementary therapy, which combines conventional medicine and non-conventional treatments. Sociodemographics, beliefs, values, and culture are considered for use. This study aims to explore stroke therapy in non-urban areas—methods: A qualitative descriptive study supported by 17 participants. Participants’ observations and in-depth interviews are collecting data methods. Content analysis is used to analyze data for this research. The setting area for this research is Samarinda, East Kalimantan, Indonesia. The study results are three themes that represent the participants interviewed. These were 1)preventing joint stiffness and muscle weakness, 2)cooking, and 3)seeking spiritual support. Stroke disease has the golden period for acute care and rehabilitation training times; when optimizing this time, the loss of body function is controlled. Long-term care for stroke survivors needs several supports, including complementary therapy. Instruction, instructor, and right, safe guidance are necessary for continued recovery in a community setting.</p> 2024-07-10T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mindfulness and Lavender Aromatherapy Techniques for Anxiety in Cervical Cancer Patients Those Undergoing Chemotherapy: Literature Review 2024-07-10T14:51:24+00:00 Rosniati Rosniati Erika Erika Nurul Huda <p>One disease that is considered very scary in society is cancer. Treatment such as chemotherapy is needed to kill cancer cells. However, chemotherapy also has side effects both physical and psychological. Psychological disorders occur such as feeling anxious or worrying too much about something that can affect the ability to carry out activities. One of the psychological therapies carried out is mindfulness techniques and lavender aromatherapy to reduce anxiety levels in cervical cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Mindfulness techniques can provide benefits for cancer patients in achieving relaxation of anxiety during chemotherapy treatment. Apart from mindfulness techniques, providing aromatherapy is also an alternative for reducing anxiety in patients undergoing chemotherapy. The aromatherapy used to reduce anxiety is the aroma of lavender. Lavender aromatherapy can reduce anxiety and stress because it has relaxing properties that can have a positive effect on the nervous system and mood. The scent of lavender can stimulate receptors in the nose that are connected to the brain and stimulate the release of chemicals such as serotonin which can improve mood. The design used is a literature review, articles were collected using academic databases used in this search, namely Pubmed, Google Scholar, Science Direct with research articles published from 2019 - 2023. Based on the articles collected, we obtained review results from 21 journals that show mindfulness. and aromatherapy can help a person manage anxiety, including anxiety that may arise in connection with cervical cancer and the chemotherapy process.</p> 2024-07-10T14:51:24+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Evaluation of the Implementation of the Hospital Management Information System Using the Hot-Fit Method 2024-07-10T15:25:41+00:00 Tania Evita Salsabila Shela Julia Veronica <p>Implementing a hospital management information system (SIMRS) is very important to integrate all information generated in the service process. SIMRS can encourage increased efficiency and effectiveness of services in hospitals along with the smooth flow of information between service providers and patients. In the long term, the projected use of SIMRS can save costs and avoid repetitive administrative activities. The aim of this research is to determine the level of SIMRS utilization at RSU Hermina Tangerang and to determine the factors that influence SIMRS utilization. The type of research used in this research is quantitative with a cross-sectional research design using a survey approach. The research population is all employees who use SIMRS who have a username. Data collection was carried out using a questionnaire. Data analysis using SEM PLS. Based on the research results, it shows that SIMRS at RSU Hermina Tanggerang is not running optimally, it is evident that there are still many obstacles occurring in the field.</p> 2024-07-10T15:25:41+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Influence of Birth Ball on the Longer Time I Active Phase in Babring 2024-07-10T17:42:52+00:00 Popy Apriyanti Apriyanti Aini Rinda Lamdayani Titin Apriyani <p>Giving birth is A situation in which the baby, placenta and fetal membranes are born from the womb into the outside world. Prolonged labor is a cause of obstetric complications, leading to maternal and fetal mortality and morbidity. Active phase I still has a large number of long-term events. This study aims to see if the birthing ball has an effect on the active phase 1 process for pregnant women. This study used a quasi-experimental research method. All pregnant women in their third trimester participated in this study. The sample of this study was 30 respondents using purposive sampling technique. Data analysis was univariate, bivariate. The results of the study showed that the birthing ball intervention had an effect on the duration of the first active phase of laboring mothers. The p-value was 0.0016. If the significance value is less than the Α value (0.000 and less than 0.05). The conclusion of this study is that H0 is rejected, which means that there is a significant difference in the duration of the first active phase between the intervention group and the control group.</p> 2024-07-10T17:42:52+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Leaflet Media to Increase Knowledge and Attitudes of Pregnant Women in Exclusive Breastfeeding to Prevent Stunting 2024-07-10T21:11:32+00:00 Ana Sundari Budi Astyandini Rozikhan Rozikhan <p>Scaling Up Nutrition (SUN) Movement is one of the global efforts from various countries to strengthen commitments and action plans to accelerate nutrition improvement, especially nutrition management from 1,000 days from pregnancy to 2 years old. Breastfeeding for toddlers are related to the incidence of stunting. Efforts that can be made to increase knowledge by providing counseling on exclusive breastfeeding using interactive media (leaflets). Objective: This study aims to determine the effect leaflet on increasing the knowledge and attitudes of pregnant women in exclusive breastfeeding to prevent stunting. Method: This study used&nbsp; one group pretest and posttest design, samples are pregnant women in the Bandengan Village with nonprobability sampling techniques, totaling 30 mothers. Data were collected using questionnaires, analyzed with Wilcoxon Test on knowledge variables and t-tests on attitude variables. Results: There is an effect of leaflets media on increasing the knowledge of pregnant women in exclusive breastfeeding (p-value of 0.000 &lt; 0,05, the mean value is 9.70 to 15.33) and the increase in attitude ( p-value of 0.006 &lt; 0,05, the mean value is 23.13 to 24.07).&nbsp; Conclusions: Leaflet is proven to be able to improve the knowledge and attitudes of pregnant women in exclusive breastfeeding.</p> 2024-07-10T21:11:32+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Effectiveness of Ginger Drink (Zingiber Officinale Var Rubrum) on Reducing Nausea and Vomiting in Trimester I Pregnant Women 2024-07-10T21:35:19+00:00 Ika Wahyuni Ita Herawati Aninda Dinar Widiantari Farida Murtiani <p>Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy (NVP) can become hyperemesis gravidarum thereby increasing the risk of pregnancy disorders. Ginger is an herbal plant that has long been known to prevent nausea and vomiting. The Aim study to determine the effectiveness of giving ginger drink (zingiber officinale var rubrum) to reduce nausea and vomiting in first trimester pregnant women. Quasi Experiment Research with the design used is One Group Pretest-Post Test Design. The sample in this study was the first trimester pregnant women at the Pratama Clinic Yardi Prima Tambun Bekasi as many as 33 mothers who were taken by purposive sampling. The intervention was carried out by giving 2.5 grams of white ginger sliced and brewed with 250 ml of warm water plus 10 grams of sugar (1 tablespoon) taken 2x1 a day for 4 days. Data were obtained by observing and measuring Nausea and Vomiting using the PUQE-24 instrument. Data analysis was univariate and bivariate with dependent T-test. The average Puqe-24 score before the ginger intervention was 9.79 and most of them were in the category of moderate nausea and vomiting as many as 23 (69.7%). The average emesis score after giving ginger was 6.64 and most of them were in the category of mild 14 (42.4%) and 2 (6.1%) not nausea and vomiting. There is an effect of giving ginger (zingiber officinale var rubrum) to mothers with NVP with P value (0.000) &lt;α (0.05). Ginger is effective in reducing emesis gravidarum.</p> 2024-07-10T21:35:19+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## The Relationship of Lifestyle to Hypertension in Young Adults: A Cross-Sectional Study 2024-07-11T02:47:03+00:00 Inglee Lala Roring Ivon Kristiawati Banggiling Redita Elok Winanti Evanny Indah Manurung Ester Silitonga <p>Hypertension is called the silent killer because it occurs without any complaints, it is a type of non-communicable disease. Lifestyle is an individual's life pattern expressed in his interests, activities, and opinions that are influenced by the environment, daily behavior and individual functions in work, activities, and pleasure. One of the factors causing hypertension is lifestyle. Objective to determine the relationship between lifestyle and the incidence of hypertension in young adults in the community in one of the urban villages in Tangerang Regency. Research methods using a correlational quantitative method with a cross-sectional research design. The population in this study were one of the urban villages in Tangerang Regency with an age range of 18-40 years and the sample was selected using purposive sampling. The research instruments used were lifestyle questionnaires and PSQI. Data analysis used univariate and bivariate analysis using the Spearman correlation test. Results showed that there was no relationship between lifestyle and the incidence of hypertension, but there was 1 indicator in lifestyle that had a relationship with the incidence of hypertension, namely smoking with (p-value = 0.013). Respondents are expected to maintain a good lifestyle such as physical activity, diet, not smoking and not consuming alcohol, and respondents can improve sleep patterns to continue to have an overall healthy lifestyle.</p> 2024-07-11T02:47:03+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Association Between Emotional Regulation and Internet Addiction in Nursing Students 2024-07-12T18:09:24+00:00 Ayu Julea Ketty Jenny Deventi Kore Djami Merci Theresiani Febrianti Tonael Maria Veronika Ayu Florensa Novita Susilawati Barus <p>The use of the internet in higher education is very helpful for the learning process, including for nursing students. The use of the internet has increased since the Covid-19 pandemic provides both benefits and risks for students. Excessive internet use can have an impact on an individual's emotions. Objectives: This study aimed to identify the association between emotional regulation and internet addiction in nursing students. Method: the quantitative correlational design was used in this study. About 279 nursing students were obtained using the purposive sampling technique. Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (cronbach α for the suppression category 0.707 and 0.761 the reappraisal category) and Internet Addiction Test questionnaire (cronbach α 0.895)was used in study. The data were analyzed by univariate and Spearman rank-order bivariate analysis. Results: The nursing students tended to use cognitive appraisal (95.3%) and expressive suppression (87.1%) as a strategy of emotional regulation. The level of internet addiction of the students was mild (40.1%), moderate (29%) and severe (2.5%). There is no relationship between emotion regulation and internet addiction of nursing students (cognitive appraisal p=0.882; expressive suppression p=0.617). Even though the students were in mild internet addiction, they could regulate their emotion well. Conclusions Emotion regulation is not the only thing that can cause internet addiction. The ability to early recognize the symptoms of internet addiction is needed to prevent the condition becoming severe. &nbsp;</p> 2024-07-12T18:09:24+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Stigma Towards People Living with HIV/AIDS in the Tourist Area of Batu Hiu Beach 2024-07-13T15:53:39+00:00 Marisha Cheryl Angelita Irman Somantri Kurniawan Kurniawan <p>The issue of HIV/AIDS does not only impacts physical health but also affects other aspects of life. One of the social impacts of this disease is the stigma received by people living with HIV/AIDS. Stigma towards people living with HIV/AIDS is one of the biggest obstacles in HIV/AIDS prevention programs, care, treatment, and support programs. Objective: This study aims to obtain an overview level of the stigma held by the community in the tourist area of Batu Hiu Beach towards people living with HIV/AIDS based on demographic charateristic. Method: This research employs a descriptive quantitative research design with a cross-sectional approach to examine the stigma in the community using a questionnaire adapted from the SHASS (Spanish HIV Stigma Scale). The population in this study consist of 750 individuals, with a sample of 261 individuals selected using the sample random sampling method. The analytical tool used is univariate. Results: Nearly the majority of respondents have a high level of stigma towards people living with HIV/AIDS (51.3%). Conclusions: The high level of stigma towards people living with HIV/AIDS indicates negative views, prejudice, and discriminatory attitudes in the community. Most respondents in this category have not received HIV/AIDS training (61.3%), have only completed primary education (69.2%), male (55%), and are in the early adulthood (65.5%) and elderly (63.6%) age groups</p> 2024-07-13T15:53:39+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##